About the Event

Thank you for your interest in the Event.. here is a little background material to help understand why we are doing this!

Amesha Jewell is the owner and creator of Aeva // Heartsick. She has been creating in Second Life for the last 5 years. Her skills seem limitless.. she is an amazing builder which was shown in her first store Burning Chrome which specialised in prim creations such has hair and accessories. Being able to torture prims into more useful shapes way before the invention of Sculpts or Mesh.

Since the creation of Heartsick which took over where Burning Chrome left off, Skins have become her main creation.. and they are some of the most beautiful skins on the grid. Her female skins have become the go-to skin of choice for many people and her generosity with group gifts, secret sales, discount skins and vast prizes that are given away in hunts aswell as special events like the countdown to Christmas 2012 shows just how big of a heart this sweet girl has.

Tragedy has struck over the last few weeks and if you have been part of the Aeva Heartsick group, you will have heard about Amesha’s computer slowly dying. Being unable to afford a new computer due to physical illnesses that prevent her from working in the Real World, every one has wanted to rally around her to help donate time and Lindens to making sure we don’t lose one of the kindest and most talented people in Second Life today.

“For Aeva Heartsick” has been created on the strength of an idea bought about by the people who love Amesha. Many don’t know her personally or only manage to grab a few minutes in Group Chat which she likes to participate in and use often. Hopefully this will help to raise the funds so that she can buy the computer she needs to continue creating for years to come!

If you would like to participate, please contact either Feather Fallen or Tabitha Faith for more details!


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