Final Total Raised!

The Final total raised by the fundraiser is…. 117,995L

Combining that with the total of donations made to the jars at the mainstore and the event, we have raised …. 220,440L!!!

We had a goal of 200,000L to allow Amesha to get a great computer so she can continue creating her amazing skins and thanks to everyones support we made it!

Thank you so much for everyone who took part as a designer, you are so generous and wonderful to have given your time and your donations to help make this event an amazing success.

Thank you so much to all the people who went and donated either by buying or donating through the jars that were at the mainstore and the event!

Things like this happening really goes to show that there are people in the world who still care about others and the spirit and wonderful sense of helping another person out has really shone through these last couple of weeks.

The event is officially over but I am told Amesha will be moving all the items to her store and will keep them out a little while longer at the special prices just so everyone has a chance to get hold of them. We will soon be packing everything away and Im kind of sad to see it end in a way. It was alot of fun to be involved in organising something like this and even better to know we all made a difference.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of all our hearts. 

Tabitha & Feather ❤


Total so far!

Its the last few days of the event! So I thought I would give an update on the totals raised so far to help Amesha.

Amount raised through Donation Jars at the Aeva // Heartsick Mainstore and the event:
Total: 82085


Amount raised through donation vendors at the Event and Ameshas stall:
Total: 106133


This is amazing and we are thrilled with how much has been raised so far! Thank you so much for all of your support!

The event ends on the 14th May!

Party time @ The For Aeva Heartsick Event!

We all love a good party – its a great way to meet new people! 

Feather and her friend NeHem who writes for the have been conjuring up a party plan that will happen today! If you can come along it would be great to see you there!


Date: Wednesday 8th May 2013
Time : 4pm – 6pm SLT
DJ: Nehem Resident taking requests!

NeHem has kindly stated that all tip she recieves during the course of the event, will be donated to the Aeva Heartsick fund!

Hope to see you there!

How do you know how much has been raised?

There is a chalk board at the main landing point at the event. On it are two numbers.

The top number is the amount that has been donated so far through the two donation jars.. the one at the mainstore and the new one at the event.

The bottom number is the amount that has been raised through percentage sales at the event!

Add them both together to get the grand total!

We will aim to update the chalk board every 24 hours around Midnight SLT so everyone can keep track of the amount that has been raised! We will also send notices out through the Aeva // Heartsick VIP group which is free to join at the Aeva // Heartsick mainstore if you wish to keep up to date!

Thank you so much for your donations so far! You are all so amazing ❤

For Aeva Heartsick …. OPENING MIDNIGHT SLT!

Its just a few hours to wait until the event begins! I hope everyone is as excited as we are to get this going! We hope everyone will have fun, maybe make some new friends and have a great time shopping around the event to raise funds for Amesha!

If you would like a sneaky peak at some of the items for sale at the event, then PLEASE check out the For Aeva Heartsick Flickr page that the designers have been updating over the last few days:

There are some truely amazing creations and the generous designers are so amazing for coming together to make this happen. Without you this wouldnt be possible so we are all entirely grateful for all the hard work you have put into this aswell! Thank you so so much!

I would also like to thank my co-cordinator Feather Fallen, for all her hard work and help with communicating with the designers and setting up scripts. You are a star!

And for Amesha… we hope that this can give you the help you need to keep making those amazing skins of yours! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for striving to be a part of this event. We know it has been so difficult for you ❤

Soooo.. it kicks off at MIDNIGHT SLT! Here is the SLURL!

Hope to see you there!

xxx Tabitha

Setting up!

Merchant packs have gone out today. If anyone hasn’t received them or the land invitation please let Tabitha Faith or Feather Fallen know.

Merchant set up can begin when you are ready and have the land tag and merchant pack. Access is only allowed to those in the group. Be sure to read the information in the merchant pack as some set up things have changed last minute.

Bloggers will be contacted and given group tags within the next 48 hours so you can have early access to blog the event!

Thank you so much for being a part of this. You all rock!

Marketplace Participants

There has been such a great response so far to the fundraiser and we want to say thank you so much to everyone that has applied to help! Keep those applications coming in and be sure to spread the word!

Some of the creators that are taking part are doing so through the Marketplace! So far two wonderful and kind creators have opted to donate 50% of their online Marketplace sales to Amesha  through the split sales option that Marketplace offers. This will last until the end of the event on 14th May when we will hopefully have reached our target to get Amesha a new computer.

Minxeh Resident who is the creator and owner of the store Lil Minx offers clothing and accessories at great prices! If you would like to visit her Marketplace store please click the link below!

Darkly Adored is the creator and owner of the store called [D’Arc] . She informs me that she is currently uploading more things to the Marketplace, but will be selling mesh clothing, skins, shapes and make up layers! If you would like to visit her Marketplace store then please click the link below!

Many thanks to these and all the other creators that are taking part in this wonderful event!

We are accepting any way of donating so if anyone else would like to donate this way please let us know in a notecard or IM to Feather Fallen or Tabitha Faith and we can add you to the Participants list!

For Aeva Heartsick : 1st May – 14th May 2013


Welcome to the “For Aeva Heartsick” Blog. This blog is about the Fundraiser that we are organising for Amesha Jewell.

The Fundraiser starts on 1st May and will run until 14th May 2013.

We will be updating with more info daily aswell as a list of participants and donated creations by the very generous and kind creators involved in this event!

If you would like more information or would like to be involved please contact Feather Fallen or Tabitha Faith before May 24th.