Participating Creators

Here is a list of the amazing creators who are participating in this event!

Participating Stores
+ Aeva // Heartsick by Amesha Jewell

+ Adoness by Cruella Pennell
+ Adore&Abhor by Airedine Poe and Sileny Noel
alaskametro<3 by Alaska Metropolitan
+ Animals with Appeal by Feather
[[A.R.C.+F.N.]] by DelaRosa Glimmer
: : : : BARBIE BITCH : : : : by CherryLips Dagostino
{{BSD Design studio}} by BabyChampagne Sass
Chiana Oh by Chiana0 Resident
.:CoLLisions:. by Guenevere DeCuir
{Co*Motion} & .:[Le Petite Purr]:. by Krista Darbyshire
[Context] by Kennef by Kennef Riggles
Curvosity by Synful Ghost
+ [D’Arc] by Darkly Adored
.::Dead Dollz::. by Kiddo Oh
Domeshticated by ANJILL Pevensey
.:Ecce Bellus:. by Shilo Easterwood
+ :[Ethereal Designs]: by Triana Mills
+ Even Flow by Pamela22 Igaly and Yingythingy Resident
:[Even~Tide]: by Eve Gaelyth
~*~Felicia’s Fashions~*~ by Felicia Helendale
+ Girlicious by Louine Dover
Holli Pocket by Holli Thespian
+ House of Blackheart Designs by Izarix Blackheart
~*~ Inspired ~*~ Home & Garden From The Heart by Krysta Ember
Jazzitude by Yazmine Tsarchon
::JELLY:: by Smexy Runner
Jeannie’s Jewels by Jeannie Jannings
Klepsydra by Betty Scorpio
.::Kre-ations::. by Kreao Kujisawa
+ Lamp*Light by AliceAnn Alter
+ LIKKA*HOUSE by Likka Noel
lost.luck by Lyric Luckless
NS::.. Cutie Store by Nani Soulstar
+ Orc Inc by Nicole Twigvald
:{*PanDemic*}: by Pandora Edwyn
.{Rue}. by Ruina Kessel and Themis Enzo
+ SAKIDE by Kinu Mayako
+ Sweet Petites by Joelle Bartfeld
The Stringer Mausoleum by Helena Stringer
+ [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] by Loviathar
Participating Independant Creators
These up and coming creators do not have a current store but are creating in SL and want to help out!

+ Kalama Aie
+ Faithless by Tabitha Faith

Participants through Marketplace
These generous creators are donating a portion of their Marketplace sales to Amesha for the duration of the event. The links will take you to their Marketplace store!

+ [D’Arc] by Darkly Adored
Lil Minx by Minxkitteh

More to come soon!


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