To Get Involved!


If you would like to be a part of this event and donate to the fundraising cause then please read the rules and then copy paste the last part into a notecard, and follow the instructions below!

Applications MUST be received before 24th April so we can add you to the list and be sure that you will have adequate time to make anything should you need to.


+ Almost anything goes.. even if you don’t have an inworld store or are only on Marketplace! If you want to help we’d love to hear from you!
+ Each creator is alloted 10 Prims for donation items.
+ Each item must be 100L with 75% or 100% of the price going to Amesha.
+ If you use up to 5 Prims you may place 1 full price item, if you use up to 10 Prims then you may place 2 full price items… it is up to you if the profits from these items go to you
OR with 75% or 100% of the price going to Amesha.
+ Items may be older items or new items or specially made items!
+ Set up will be on and after 26th May ready to be open on 1st May.

How to Apply!

Copy and paste the following information into a notecard and fill out the sections. Then rename the card “For Aeva Heartsick :: put your name here” and send it to either Feather Fallen or Tabitha Faith.


Hello! Here is my application to take part in the fundraiser, For Aeva Heartsick..
I have read all the rules and agree to them!

Avatar Name :

Store Name (if applicable) :

Store SLURL/Marketplace URL :

Blog URL :

Please attach a full perm logo of your store here :


Vendors will be sent out on 25th April ready to begin the set up on 26th April through to 30th April, ready for opening on 1st May!

We would really love for you to share this application along to anyone you think might help. We have 42 spaces available to fill so the more the merrier!

If you need any more information or arent sure about anything before you apply, then please contact either Feather Fallen or Tabitha Faith who will be more than happy to help you!

Thank you so much for your kindness and your support!


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